Introducing our Tiktok Muse, Justin Pretorius.

Introducing our Tiktok Muse, Justin Pretorius.

If you're looking for a satisfying cleaning TikTok, you've come to the right place. Introducing @clean_with_juzz. As a company that loves to clean, speaking to Justin was very exciting. 

We asked Justin a few questions about himself, how their TikTok started, cleaning pantry essentials and more… 

Hey Justin, Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Justin. I was raised in Auckland, NZ - growing up out west in Titirangi and spending my teenage years on the North Shore. I spent portions of my twenties travelling and living abroad. In the past 8 years I have settled back in Auckland and made my home in Freemans Bay. I love this little nook in the city - surrounded by native trees and nature, while still having the convenience of the city a stone’s throw away. It’s good getting the best of both worlds.

My friends and family would definitely describe me as organised and a bit of a clean freak. Organisation filters through all aspects of my life which has helped me stay focussed on my goals. And I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of a good house clean on the weekends.

Professionally I’ve been working as a designer for the past decade - specialising in graphic, digital and now UI/UX design. I was a creative kid spending my time sketching and painting. I excelled in the art and design subjects at school. After 4 years of university I created a little career for myself working for a boutique design studio.

We love all of your TikTok videos! How did you get into creating Tiktok videos?

Thanks so much! My journey with TikTok began in April this year. I found myself having some empty time on my weekdays. Like so many people in the workforce, I had been struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I wanted to start making some sustainable changes for my future wellbeing. 

At the end of 2021 I made the decision to resign from my full-time design job and set up my own solo design business. It was slow going at first, and resulted in a lot of vacant time on my hands. During a quiet work week, I downloaded TikTok to explore the platform and look into whether it was a media I could utilise and offer to clients as a service. While scrolling, I stumbled upon a large cleaning community called ‘CleanTok’. I loved the videos these content creators were posting. All the videos were right up my alley, detailed cleaning hacks and home organisation. I knew that with enough practice, I could create the same content.

I started out as a complete amatuer, but with the right equipment and practise quickly enhanced. It takes a lot of time and effort in between day to day life, but if you produce content that is authentic and motivating, the target audience will connect and support you. 

I’ve found TikTok to be such an accessible, fun and creative outlet. Many New Zealand creators and businesses have connected with me through TikTok, in addition to people from around the world. It has been humbling to see people enjoy and support my content, even in its infancy.


Since sustainability is a big part of our ethos here at With Small, what everyday sustainable choices do you make in your every day routine?

Sustainable living is always at the forefront of my purchases. I try to refrain from buying single use plastics at the grocery store and always consider eco-friendly options at home where I can. I experiment with homemade cleaning solutions that use natural ingredients. All of which I’ve learnt online and through TikTok.

TikTok has a large community of ‘CleanTokers’ who educate and share their sustainable cleaning tips. There is a wealth of knowledge out there which is promising to see. 

What are some useful cleaning hacks you love?

I’m not sure if these are hacks, but if you ever feel up to being creative with your cleaning - pantry items like vinegar, baking soda, lemon and rock salt go a long way in the kitchen. Test them out! I’ve created some ‘How to’ videos on my TikTok trialling these alternatives.

I know cleaning for most is a chore. One of the ways I manage my cleaning tasks in our home is by making an achievable list of what needs to get done, then slowly working my way down that list throughout the week. It does not need to be all done in one day. Realistic goal setting is a must with cleaning.

What’s one cleaning tool you can’t live without?

I do love a good microfibre cloth. With the right care and maintenance, they last forever and generally do a better job cleaning surfaces than most of the cheaper and less eco-friendly alternatives. Having said that, I've been actively trying to integrate more sustainable options into my cleaning supplies. More retailers are now stocking cleaning supplies made from natural and compostable materials like wood pulp. It’s exciting to see more brands get behind this movement and produce products which aren’t harming our environment.

We are excited to see you using our new cleaners. A bit of a cheeky question but, what has been your fav product so far and why?

You can probably tell by some of the recent videos that with small has been featured a lot on my TikTok profile. I have been loving integrating the product range into my cleaning routines. The ‘So Fresh and So Clean Start Kit’ is a fantastic cleaning trifecta. All three sprays work great together - with each supporting one another. The sprays have an amazing scent; smelling natural and clean without that chemical residual so many of the generic alternatives leave behind.

In terms of a favourite product, I have to say the glass cleaner was a surprise stand out for me. I use it on my windows, mirrors and even our induction cooktop. It has really made them shine and doesn’t leave a streaky residue. 

It is encouraging to see sustainable and eco-friendly based cleaners that actually perform to a high standard. I’ve found other competitors generally have great ingredients, but the products don’t do an adequate job at cleaning surfaces or breaking down dirt and grime.

To you, what is the ideal way to spend your days off?

My partner and I live business lives during the week, so on our days off we like to take it slow. We sleep in, go for walks at our neighbourhood parks and usually grab a coffee and bite to eat from a local cafe in either Ponsonby or K’Road. 

We both have a love for indoor and outdoor plants, so you’ll usually find us spending our weekends at plant stores and markets, looking for good deals and rare finds.

Lastly, can you please tell us how our readers can support you?

Follow me on TikTok, I post videos most days and would love to connect with more Kiwi’s who share and enjoy the same content. You’re always welcome to touch base and say hi!




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