Big impact

with small change.

Our objective is to simplify sustainability by creating everyday essentials for your home using renewable, natural and mindful materials. We measure, reduce and offset our emissions making us a carbon neutral organisation, and achieving carbon zero certification.

Toilet Paper

Every day over 27,000 trees are flushed down the loo. Our paper range is made from fast-growing bamboo that is kinder to the earth that grew it.

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Climate impact

What does it mean to be a Carbon Zero organisation?

We set out (with a load of data and handy online tools) and measured the emissions from all of our organisation's activities including manufacturing our products, shipping our orders and courier deliveries to your doorstep.

We then offset our emissions by buying carbon credits in New Zealand and Asia. The solar panel projects and forests are certified to capture carbon and therefore bring our net emissions down to zero!

Kinder on the planet and your wallet.

Save time, money and reduce your plastic waste compared to regular cleaners.

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How our cleaners work

Fill bottle with warm water

with small lifetime bottles are made from hardwearing aluminium, built to stand the test of time in even the busiest households.

Add tablet. Wait 15 minutes

Our plant-based tablets naturally produce CO2 when dissolving, like a Berocca for your bench top.

Add nozzle and spray away

Our eco-friendly cleaning range tackles dirt and grime in every room of your soon-to-be plastic-free home.

Cleaning Starter kits

Simplify sustainability in your home with our eco-friendly cleaning starter kits delivered straight to your door. Buy the bottle once. Refill again and again.

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We started a Journal to learn, share and grow.

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Back in 2016, from an attic space of an Auckland Cafe, the idea to make sustainable toilet paper was formed. Originally known as smartass, we wanted to continue to simplify sustainability for our customers by helping them to have a big impact with small change.

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