We've all been taking action against climate change

We've all been taking action against climate change

Thank you for your work towards a better environment. By being a smartass customer, you have played an essential part in our organisation's commitment to continuing to improve our social and environmental responsibility.

With your help, we've managed to reduce our carbon emissions by 1.51 tonnes. This is equivalent to driving from Auckland to Wellington in a medium-sized petrol engine car 10.99 times, or 0.08 times the New Zealand household emissions per year,, or running the gas BBQ for 405 hours.

By being a Toitū certified brand we've been able to measure, manage and reduce our environmental impacts and carbon emissions. Because not only have we reduced our emissions, we've also offset any unavoidable emissions through investing in restorative forest projects and solar energy.

So while we are doing our part in making a regenerative future, we want to acknowledge we're not there yet. We're working hard to continue to reduce our emissions year on year. By working as individuals, organisations and New Zealanders who care for our planet, people and communities, together we can make a difference.

Thanks again for your support and commitment to a better future. 

Learn more about our how we're a Toitū carbonzeroCertTM certified organisation here: smartass.co.nz/carbon-zero

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