Tree Free Paper Towels

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Tree Free Paper Towels are 2 ply and amazing at soaking up spills! Whether it's a quick bench wipe down, or helping disperse a light layer of cooking oil over your cast-iron pan, our paper towels have you covered.

12 rolls per carton with 55 sheets per roll.

Something good to bring to the table, as it’s kinder to the earth that grew it.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 250 reviews
    Elizabeth Campbell

    Like the texture

    With small toilet paper

    We love our regular orders - so easy and such a soft good quality TP! Nothing better than keeping regular

    Love it!

    Great product great service - keep up the good work 👍

    Paper towels are great but delivery cost is steep

    I love these paper towels. Unfortunately the delivery costs have risen by 50% since my last delivery (without any notification) so I will not be purchasing them again as it is too cost prohibitive.

    Sandie Grant

    Tree Free Paper Towels

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