Tree Free Paper Towels

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Tree Free Paper Towels are 2 ply and amazing at soaking up spills! Whether it's a quick bench wipe down, or helping disperse a light layer of cooking oil over your cast-iron pan, our paper towels have you covered.

12 rolls per carton with 55 sheets per roll.

Something good to bring to the table, as it’s kinder to the earth that grew it.

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    From 245 reviews

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    Based on 245 reviews
    Ange Waller

    Tree Free Paper Towels

    Esther Daniel
    IF you send any more I won't have room in my shed to store them all

    Thank god I've worked out how to cancel the order now.... giving them away to everyone in the village.

    Cheryl Krull
    Package still hasn’t arrived after 14 days

    My order still hasn’t arrived. I had a call from the courier company 2 days ago to say it had returned to their depot as there was no address on the box. This is the third time we have had trouble with delivery and I will be canceling my subscription because of this.

    Never run out of the good stuff

    Good toilet paper delivered to your door. Easy to adjust delivery. Responsive team for assistance on subs.


    Tree Free Paper Towels

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